Having evolved over thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world. It is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, enhance performance, increase fertility and improve over health and well-being. People who receive acupuncture regularly report they have better sleep, less pain, more energy, increased metabolism, more feelings of happiness, balanced moods, mental clarity, less muscle tension, less stress, and more motivation. My goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. .

Acupuncture is a powerfully effective and naturally relaxing form of medicine. The oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world, it is used by nearly one-third of the planet’s people as a primary health care system and many more as an adjunctive therapy. The principle of acupuncture is to treat each person as an integrated whole in body, mind, and spirit, and to remedy the root causes of illness and disease as well as the symptoms.

Acupuncture practitioners use thin, sterile needles inserted superficially into specific areas of the body in order to initiate healing and promote health. Over the three decades or so in which acupuncture has developed in North America, it has been proven in a growing number of scientific studies to be both exceptionally safe when performed by licensed professionals and statistically effective.

Clinic Rates for ACUPUNCTURE

Initial Private Treatment 60 min = $ 110

Subsequent Private Treatment 60 min = $90

Here are a few responses to a question that may have hundreds of answers:

to help you relax
to help you feel more energized
to help you avoid illness/injury
to help alleviate physical pain
to help you think more clearly
to help you stop thinking (especially around bedtime)
to help with digestive issues (including GERD and IBS)
to use alongside many conventional therapies/medications for the purpose of augmenting their effect and lowering doses
to add legitimate choices for your health care assistance

Adbominal pain, Addiction control, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Athletic performance
Back/neck pain, Blood pressure regulation, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue
Common cold, Constipation, Depression, Diarrhea
Headaches, Hyperacidity, IBS, Immune system boost, Indigestion, Infertility, Insomnia
Menopausal symptoms, Migraines, Muscle cramping/pain, Nervousness
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction, Neurosis, Numbness, Parkinson’s disease
Poor vision, Postoperative pain, Premenstrual syndrome
Sciatica, Sinusitis, Stress reduction, Stroke, Tinnitis, Tonsillitis, Toothache.

Usually not much at all. Acupuncture needles are very thin, about the width of two hairs. There are certain sensations associated with therapeutic effects of acupuncture. These may include heaviness, distention, tingling, slight cramping or electric, traveling sensations. If any discomfort is experienced, it is usually mild and temporary. Most people are deeply relaxed and/or asleep once all points are placed.